Most Improved School Award

Guilford County Schools recognized Ragsdale, along with 15 other schools, as one of the Most Improved Schools in the district at Tuesday’s Excellence in Education celebration and awards ceremony!

According to the GCS Press Release, nine elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools and one middle college were selected for the awards based on their state ABCs performance composite gain from one year to the next. The performance composite is the percentage of students at or above proficiency on all tested subjects for a school. In addition, each school received an award of $9,625 to continue the academic progress of their students.

Here are specifics on Ragsdales improvements as stated in the Excellence in Education program – “Principal Kathy Rogers leads 1,337 students in grades nine through twelve along with 138 staff members. The school’s EOC composite score including the EOC in writing increased from 69.0 percent proficient to 73.2 percent proficient. The school made AYP, meeting 17 of 17 targets. The school’s graduation rate increased from 83.0 percent to 84.1 percent, and scholarship dollars for the Class of 2011 totaled $4,441,105.”